Activate Partners With Leading Coaches

Activate Partners With Leading Coaches

Activate is developed together with leading Estonian doctors, scientists and health coaches. We are extremely proud to work with these top experts to bring you the best health management experience.

Karmen Reinpõld

High performance endurance and fitness coach since 2010 working with professional athletes and everyone whose goal is to reach ultimate wellbeing. Pursuing my doctoral degree in Tallinn University and teaching Sports Physiology. I love reading and theater.

Gert Koovit

26 years of experience as a personal trainer, last 15 years in London. Specialising in strength training, bodybuilding, muscle activation techniques and overall fitness and well being. Former competitive powerlifter on national and international level.

Siim Kelner

Fitness trainer since 2012 and lecturer at Tallinn University on strength and conditioning. Teaching upcoming trainers in Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and Estonian Powerlifting Federation.

Heisl Vaher

Medical doctor and surgeon. Main interests are upper airway sleep time breathing disorders and sleep disorders of various origin. Working at Fertilitas Private Hospital. Specializing in insomnia, snoring, sleep cycle disruptions, social jet lag and sleep apnea.

Liis Salus

Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist since 2018 with focus on medical conditions that can be supported by nutrition (anemia, gout, heart and blood diseases, allergies, reflux, IBS, celiac, osteoporosis, diabetes etc). Personal experience last 5 years being on gluten and dairy free diet due to celiac disease, lactose and dairy intolerance.

Elis Nikolai

Nutritional Theraphist since 2018 with main focus on healthy and steady weight loss/weight management with permanent results. My main goal is to help to create good lifelong healthy eating habits, so short term diets could be left behind.

Kristin Tamberg

Nutrition coach specialising in working with recreational, youth and elite athletes to achieve peak athletic performance. I have also worked with general population clients at a counseling & rehabilitation center. Currently in my final year of physiotherapy studies. My hobbies are strength training and reading.

Kerstin Joandi

Sports nutritionist at Sports Medicine Foundation and program administrator at Estonian The National Institute for Health Development NutriData nutrition information system. In addition, giving lectures and educating athletes, coaches and their teams on the importance of nutrition in sport.

Eva-Maria Kangro

Psychology doctor, focusing on self-regulation and life satisfaction. I help people create better self-awareness and make successful steps in change implementation, based on psychology and neuroscience. I’m a fan of agile approach: dream big, step small, learn consistently, and enjoy.

Tuuli Junolainen

Psychologist and a coach working with people who aim to use their hidden inner resources and full potential, be more successful in what they do and live more fulfilling life. I use exclusively evidence based and scientifically proven methodology – behavioural science, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and co-active coaching. I’m a diving instructor (PADI) and run trail ultra marathons.

Markko Junolainen

Psychologist and coach working with athletes, expeditions and people working in extreme-environments. I am also a deep sea commercial diver and cave diver, having worked in some of the most remote corners of the world. I have run many ultra-marathons. The most notable being the 340km Tor des Geants in the Italian Alps.

Mailiis Stolts

My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. I’ve been a trainer since 2012 and I’ve worked with hundreds of people in that time. Mother of two boys, I love reading and spending time with my family. I live by the motto – “The best things come from living outside of your comfort zone”.

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