Activate100 Pilot Program

Activate100 Pilot Program

We are super excited to partner with University of Tartu, SYNLAB and Ülemiste City to launch a first-of-its kind physical, mental and social health activation study called Activate100.

Ülemiste City is the largest privately-owned smart city in the Baltics with over 12 000 employees and 500 organisations. It is quickly growing into a full scale tech-hub for the whole Nordic region and is thus a perfect test-ground and living lab for next generation smart health solutions.

We are partnering with Ülemiste City employers to invite 100 volunteers to the program, representing a balanced cohort from different demographics and work profiles.

The participants will complete a new type of biometric health audit that we have developed with leading Estonian medical experts. This unique screening package combines 40 biomarkers into one comprehensive health report to highlight potential health risks and improvement areas for the customer. The audit consists of  blood analysis, body composition analysis, functional performance test and digital biomarker analysis. Participants will complete the audit at the beginning and end of the program to measure real-life changes in their health metrics.

In between the two health audits, all participants will complete a 100 day activation sprint supervised by leading Estonian health coaches. The sprints will start in mid-April and finish in July. Based on this data, University of Tartu will make a scientific analysis on the efficacy and adherence of our micro-coaching approach.

To stay updated on the progress of our participants, join our community here.

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