How To Get 1% Better Every Day

How To Get 1% Better Every Day

At Activate, we are on a mission to re-invent the way people manage their health, performance and wellbeing.
We are building a human activation engine that matches personal health data with science-backed micro-actions and expert coaching – a connected health platform that helps you master your physical and mental well-being.

Did you know that 92 percent of people fail to achieve their personal development goals? Activate helps you break big objectives down to bite-sized micro-goals that provide sense of accomplishment every day. We believe that instead of fixating on a single long term objective that may never be fully achieved, it is much more useful to start with specific, measurable and dynamic short-term micro-goals.


What would happen if you made 1% improvements to your life each day? In one year you would end up 38x better than before! This is because over time these simple upgrades create a massive compounding effect that will have a lasting impact on your quality of life. We call them micro-actions. They are small, incremental, science-backed actions we can take on a daily basis to help us improve our health, performance and well-being. As James Clear writes in his iconic book Atomic Habits: “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”


Not everything can be automated and we believe that real human connection is the best catalyst for behaviour change. Therefore, we are partnering with leading coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, sleep therapists, psychologists and clinicians to help you take your health and performance to the next level. We do this through asynchronous conversations that re-imagine wellness coaching for a more remote post-pandemic world.

We are currently in beta. If you’d like to reserve your spot for the official launch, please join our community here.



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