We’re just like you. We care about our families, our friends, and our own health.
Now more than ever.¬†We had this crazy idea that we could do better. And that’s why we started Activate.

We want to stay healthy but also remove all the hassle, the inconvenience, and make healthcare as simple and as good as everything else we do. And we trust you to make the right decisions. You do in every other part of your life.

At Activate, we are on a mission to re-invent how we manage our health and well-being in a proactive way. We are building a platform that helps people make the best decisions for themselves and their families in a simplified, human-centred experience. Sounds straightforward, but it fundamentally redesigns the delivery of health services.

We’ve brought together a team of innovators from leading healthcare and technology companies to create a self-care experience like no other. Our members are now in charge of their health, performance and well-being. Join us and activate your best self.

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